Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blast from the past

My camera kinda sorta broke (in the way where the camera chord isn't working) about a month before I came home. While I was still at school I was able to use C's memory card chord so I could still download pictures, but yesterday I took my camera in to get fixed so I don't have any new pictures but thought it might be fun to show some old ones...
These two pic's are from my senior orchestra to Boston. The first picture was Mar and myself trying to recreate a picture from when we went to NY City but the person taking the picture didn't zoom out. This was at like 4 in the morning and I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before so I was pretty out of it and hyper...interesting combination for Mar and myself. The second picture is how we slept, we had three beds and six girls but for some reason Ali-Mack, Mar and I decided we wanted to sleep in one bed and so we did! It was pretty fun and extremely amusing...especially since we are girls so we talk...a lot! haha Some interesting things were discussed in that hotel room and bed. What can I say, we're girls and proud of it! :)

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