Thursday, April 17, 2008


I haven't posted in a while and these two pictures are the reason why. Finals Week has begun. Every college students worst nightmare. The stress, sleepless nights, cleaning, packing, and feeling like there is so much that you aren't even scratching the surface. What is a girl to do? All that keeps going through my head is one more week, just one more week. That is all it is, on week of this awfulness and then freedom. The whole summer to be able to do what I want...well not really cause of course I'll have to be working and making money, but hey a girl can dream can't she. I better get back to the books. They definitely aren't going anywhere, and my brain isn't getting any fuller. I may want finals to be over with, but I also want good much fun how they go together isn't it?

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Ryan said...

it's definitely fun how those things go together. nothing worth while was ever attained without hard work. unfortunately I've got a lot of hard work ahead of me. :P best of luck to you.