Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm not sure if I posted it or not, but I got re-accepted to BYU for winter semester of 2010. Well, the past few weeks haven't been my favorites because I've been having Mesa withdrawal's and I haven't even left yet! Not a good sign...I actually started trying to find some way to be able to stay down here but I guess the Lord has different plans in store for me because there is pretty much a 1 in a trillion chance I am staying. But hey, who am I to argue with the Lord. Now I just have to paste on the smile and positive attitude and hope that I will find that reason for me to be up in Provo! In JANUARY of all times. The coldest time of the year up there in the bubble! I made it one year, I should be able to do it again...if not apparently my sister gets my books and Heidi gets all my movies...nice to know how loved I am =D Now I just need to find housing...if anyone out there knows of anything that is close to campus and is not to expensive please let me know! I know that I sound like a total whiny baby, but what can I say, I'm a Mesa brat! In all honesty I am excited to be returning to BYU and to have the opportunity to get away for awhile. I just am not looking forward to the snow...

Anywhoo...some very amusing things have been taking place at work lately. I went in to talk to the lawyer I work for about some things and ended up walking out with dating advice. (What can I say, I work for a Stake President!) Now how many people can say that? Yeah, I was talking to my boss about work and paralegal's jobs and ended up getting told I need to flirt more, especially with my eyes. That I'm to pretty of a girl with so much going for me that I shouldn't be single. I'm just going to take that as a compliment...ha ha I was laughing about that conversation for the rest of the day! Then today, my manager walked out of his office and commented on how "feisty" everyone was today. (Just so you know, besides the 4 lawyers, I work with two men, the manager and another legal assistant. The rest of us are woman, about 15 in total and today all the drama hit the fan! Rather amusing for me to sit back and watch...) Anyway, my manager then continued to explain why he thinks everyone was acting this way. He said "it's pretty much all women here and they work together daily and when women are around other women all the time they end up with their "cycles" being the same." I immediately started laughing and asked, "So basically you think everyone here is pms'ing at the same time?" His epic response: "Well yeah, what other reason could there be?" Like there could be no other reason for everything happening. Priceless.

Besides that, not much has been happening in my life besides my allergies coming in full force and bringing along a cold for company! Not loving it, but I have so much Benadryl in my system I'm surprised it is safe for me to operate a moving vehicle!...Yeah sad joke...what can I say, I'm sick :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miley Cyrus Concert!!!

Disclaimer: This post is going to be backwards since I uploaded all the pictures backwards and I don't want to go through and fix them. Call me lazy =D

All in all the concert was amazing and I am so glad I got to go! Hunter even walked out and said that he thought it was an awesome concert and she is very talented! No lie. Thank you Hunter for agreeing to go with me so that I was able to experience my very FIRST concert!!

Singing I love Rock and Roll. This picture is not zoomed at all if I remember correctly and Miley did this song amazingly! Went perfect with her voice.

There she is!! I'll admit it, I screamed along with all the little girls. And I'm proud of it! My voice was basically gone by the end of the night, I was cracking, sounding like a man and everything :)

It is true, Hunter even bought a shirt! I had nothing to do with it even, it was all HIS idea.

It's true I bought a shirt! I even wore it to work the next week. I have to say though, when I was buying it I asked if they only sold children size and she said they had larger ones. The lady then proceeded to ask who I was buying if for, and looked around at my feet for a little kid...

Traffic driving to the concert was insane...and we almost got in an accident with this picture because the driver was watching me and not the road...

This is at the gas station before taking off. It took me about 15 shots to finally get this picture showing that I am wearing a fanny pack. You heard that correctly; A FANNY PACK! I know you are all jealous of me but hey we can't all be as awesome as me...

Reason for Fanny Pack: I needed something to carry my wallet, keys, and camera in and there was no way I wanted to carry my purse. Solution: Fanny Pack =D

I know ALL of you are just dying to know about how the Miley Cyrus concert went. One word: PHENOMENAL!!! That girl really knows how to put on a show!!! Here are some of the pictures I took to document the occasion...P.S. my camera ended up dying before the concert was over. Yes I was sad, no I didn't cry...although I thought about it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Utah Trip

I went to Utah a couple weeks back to meet with a councilor at the Y and to visit my adorable niece and nephew. While there I had the opportunity to babysit while my parents, my brother and his wife went out. So what did we do? Went to the park of course!!!

My most adorable niece!!! She is by far just plain out adorable. Period.

The nephew, all serious. P.S. he did this pose all by himself, I just captured in on camera ;)
The amazing and gorgeous view from their backyard. They live in such a beautiful area surrounded by mountains and...Color!! Yes there is another color out there besides brown all you Arizonians. Who woulda thunk.
Anywhoo, it was a very fun, not restful, and informative trip! I am happy to be returning to the Y in January (yes the cuties are a huge part) but I am very sad to be leaving my Mesa. I am and forever will be a Mesa brat and will be returning here someday and will hopefully raise my family here...whenever I get one! First I need a man...anyone out there know anyone single feel free to set me up! Yes I seriously just did that, and meant it! Let me know.


My good friend Stacie (yes she is a different person than me) and I entered a cake contest in our ward. She decided she wanted to experiment with fondant and that I was going to help her! Yeah not an intimating task at all... :P

Before the fondant was added the cake it was oreo frosting. It wasn't!

It's amazing what a little sugar, corn syrup, and almond extract can do! While being inedible and smelling very grotesque...

All three layers together!

Beginning of the decorations...

There is more being added...The finished cake! I am very proud of completing it! It took 4.5 hours and our prize for winning in the contest was a small 1 inch plastic gold medal with a ribbon to small to fit over your head! Oh yeah, be jealous. You may now marvel and the wonderfulness that is this cake.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I told you all that my parents took me to California and Knotts Berry Farm. Now you get to see some pictures from it!My parents at Huntington beach. I am very much obsessed with this picture!Myself at the beach =)
The beautiful California beach.In honor of my big brudder :)
We have arrived!Very first ride of the day! It was so sweet! And my mother said, and I quote, "I almost wet myself!!" I about died laughing.We went on this ride second, I thought it was smart doing it early so we could dry off during the day. Bad idea, especially when you are wearing jeans and a white t-shirt!The end result, at least from our necks up!My obsession with the windmills finally documented!! Every time we drive this area I just stare out the window thinking how cool these things are and this time I finally took pictures!! Quite a few actually....
Well there is just a taste of what we did while we were in Cali. It was such an awesome trip and I am so thankful that my parents took me! It is definitely something I will never forget =)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Family Pictures

Story of my life: I go to make a post of our trip to Cali and guess what! The wireless internet is down (again) so I couldn't post any of them since those are all on my laptop and I have to post from my parents Desktop. Oh well, such is life. Instead you get to see our family pictures!

At the beginning of July we had a family reunion, first time in 5 years all of my family has been together! Of course we had to do family pictures, no way my mom wouldn't let us. During this reunion my parents, J, ZB, HY, Mini-E, AF, and his girlfriend Minders went to my grandparents cabin for two days. (Teacher, myself, JJ, and Big Sis couldn't go cause we all had to work) When they got back JJ and Big Sis got into town and then we went to Wicked at Gammage on Thurs.(as awesome the 2nd time as the 1st...if not better!) and then Friday was family picture time/birthday celebrations! By the time pictures were done, the kids were very ready to be done and go home and eat. Here are a few of the pictures taken.

Big Sis and JJ
The Three girls of the FamilyAll the girls in the FamilyThree Generation Shot

My beautiful ParentsThe Whole family together at lastAll five childrenTwo sistersAFTeacherMe and my sassy red shoesYes, I know they are adorableLove, Love, Love this photo!

The End.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Off to Cali!

If any of you remember, back in April Hair Genius and I had made a deal to go California if we reach our work out/weight goals. Then she decided to move to Utah so it ended up canceled and we road tripped it to Utah...but that's another story you can here here. Well, about a month ago I was in the kitchen with my parents and my mom randomly asked me if I could go anywhere on vacation with them where would it be? (within our budget of course) I said Knotts Berry Farm cause I have never been. The next morning my mom came into my bathroom as I was doing my hair for work and said that we were going! The day has finally come, we are leaving this morning in about 10 min. to drive over and go to the beach this afternoon and then tomorrow we will be at Knotts Berry Farm all day!! I am so excited :) I'll be taking lots of pictures and I'll post the best ones when I get back! Till then, adieu =)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My "List"

Busy Bee Lauren has an awesome blog and challenged all her readers to make their "List" of extremely attractive male actors, so I'm doing it! Some of mine are the same as her, others are not. Without further ado...

Oliver James
From the classic "What a Girl Wants" is just plain gorgeous and very much underrated in my opinion. He is can sing, fairly good actor, and a British accent to boot!

Add Image

Chuck Wicks
It's true that he really is only famous because he is dating Julianne Hough, but dang is this man attractive! Julianne did good with him :)

Colin Firth
The original Mr. Darcy need I say more.

Ethan Peck

Not going to lie, first time I saw him didn't find him attractive at all. In "Ten Thing I Hate About You" there is just something about it that has the total OMG Factor going on!

Chase Crawford
Gossip Girl, gorgeous, drool worthy, Footloose lead. End of discussion.

Taylor Lautner
Yes, I know he is still just a baby but a girl can dream can't she! He is making me want to become a Team Jacob fan...something I never thought I would say! Don't worry girls I am, and forever will be, devoted to Edward but man is Taylor a temptation!

Robert Pattinson
Even though I am slighty in overload with all the news that come out about the man daily I can't deny he is very attractive when he is NOT all dirty and greasy looking! Does anyone else notice that in 99% of his pictures he has his hands in his hair...

Zac Efron
Wasn't a huge fan of Zac Efron really till HSM3 and then when I saw 17 Again I was hooked. Especially now that he got his haircut and no longer looks like a girl. This man is A-mazing even if he is dating Vanessa Hudgens. No ones perfect.

Jensen Ackles

I am completely in love with this man. If I were to ever meet him I just might attack him! He is simply phenomenal in "Supernatural" and hilarious as well. Fighting demons, or making fun of his "baby brother" Jensen can do no wrong! At least in my world...
Update: To all of those wondering, I obviously did not get the part of Leah for Eclipse. No suprise there but it was definitely a fun experience! If I can ever get the video to upload I will do it so you can all see it!

P.S. I don't know why it is not doing all the fonts the same, I have them the same when composing it but once I publish it, it goes all wonky. (yes I seriously just said wonky, move on)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eclipse Audition

I'm sure you are all dying to know what that last post was all about so let me tell you. I was doing the whole Twilight stalking thing about 3 weeks ago and I went to a blog, then clicked on a link to another one and was perusing that one when I came across a post that talked about Open Auditions for the movie Eclipse for the parts of Seth and Leah I clicked on that link and read what was required and then...I decided to audition!!! Here is the character description:

Leah Clearwater - (Female - Age 19) is a Quileute Indian and
the only female member of the La Push wolf pack. She is tall
and slender with beautiful skin and short cropped black hair.
She would be considered gorgeous if not for the perpetual
scowl she carries due to a broken heart and her anger issues.
She is the daughter of Harry and Sue Clearwater and the
protective older sister of Seth. [Age 18-22 to play 19]

I fit the roll perfectly don't I? Ha ha. Anywho, I went to CC's house to get help with my audition cause she is an amazing actress and she also read the lines with me while recording it :) It has been such a fun experience and I know there is a one in a million chance that I will get it but I'm so glad I tried at least! :D I got to spend time with my best friend, come out of my shell a little bit, and I even think I have a little bit of talent for acting that I never knew I had. As a little "treat" I'm going to post the clip I sent in for my audition. It is a scene from the 4th book Breaking Dawn where Leah joins Jacob's pack. Tell me what you think!

Ok it is not letting me upload the video so I'm going to do a couple things and try again. But I thought I would still post all this information cause it has just been sitting in the edit area for so long!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another post...

I know, I don't post for months and now I post four times! I'm a dork, it is true. This is just a short little teaser though.

I am a Twilight addict. Simple as that. The other day I was on a Twilight blog where I followed a link to another blog where I followed another link to a separate site and there I found something very exciting!! All I will say about it right now is it has to do with the movie Eclipse...when I get it all finished I will tell you all about it. And if your lucky I might even post a video!

Life as of Late

Life lately has been one crazy adventure after another as you can tell. I am still working as a legal assistant at Skousen, Gulbrandsen, and Patience law office and then take care of Buddy, Teacher's puppy every afternoon when I get off. We also had a Belnap family reunion where I got to see JJ and Big Sis after 6 months of being apart! It was so much fun and they brought their guns but unfortunately we were unable to go shooting cause it rained all day. Instead I took some fun pictures with them...
This was my favorite picture, very Charlie's Angels don't you think? ;) Anywhoo...that was a fun trip and then I got to come home to reality!

Right now it is monsoon season here in the Valley of the Sun. The temperatures haven't been too bad till this last week where they shot up again and it got pretty hot, only to have the clouds come rolling in and cool it down again. I must say for June it has been really cool. I was hoping for some rain this week, cause I LOVE rain, but we didn't get any :( We did get some sprinkling in some areas but that's it. Tonight though I went outside with Buddy to just sit and watch our sprinklers and enjoy the cool weather when I saw this and just had to get a picture of it.
The beautiful sunsets of Mesa, AZ. I love AZ for many reasons and this is one of them. The beauty down here is just breathtaking. It is a little piece of heaven for me. It may be "hot" but to me this is HOME, this is where I was born and raised. This is where my family is. This is where I grew up and got my bumps and bruises. This is where I was baptized. This is where I gained my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. This is where I did all my lower education. This is where I learned to be the woman I am striving to be today. And this will be where I get married. This place is where all the IMPORTANT events of my life have taken place. That to me proves that this is my home. I am extremely bless in my life.