Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miley Cyrus Concert!!!

Disclaimer: This post is going to be backwards since I uploaded all the pictures backwards and I don't want to go through and fix them. Call me lazy =D

All in all the concert was amazing and I am so glad I got to go! Hunter even walked out and said that he thought it was an awesome concert and she is very talented! No lie. Thank you Hunter for agreeing to go with me so that I was able to experience my very FIRST concert!!

Singing I love Rock and Roll. This picture is not zoomed at all if I remember correctly and Miley did this song amazingly! Went perfect with her voice.

There she is!! I'll admit it, I screamed along with all the little girls. And I'm proud of it! My voice was basically gone by the end of the night, I was cracking, sounding like a man and everything :)

It is true, Hunter even bought a shirt! I had nothing to do with it even, it was all HIS idea.

It's true I bought a shirt! I even wore it to work the next week. I have to say though, when I was buying it I asked if they only sold children size and she said they had larger ones. The lady then proceeded to ask who I was buying if for, and looked around at my feet for a little kid...

Traffic driving to the concert was insane...and we almost got in an accident with this picture because the driver was watching me and not the road...

This is at the gas station before taking off. It took me about 15 shots to finally get this picture showing that I am wearing a fanny pack. You heard that correctly; A FANNY PACK! I know you are all jealous of me but hey we can't all be as awesome as me...

Reason for Fanny Pack: I needed something to carry my wallet, keys, and camera in and there was no way I wanted to carry my purse. Solution: Fanny Pack =D

I know ALL of you are just dying to know about how the Miley Cyrus concert went. One word: PHENOMENAL!!! That girl really knows how to put on a show!!! Here are some of the pictures I took to document the occasion...P.S. my camera ended up dying before the concert was over. Yes I was sad, no I didn't cry...although I thought about it.

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