Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm not sure if I posted it or not, but I got re-accepted to BYU for winter semester of 2010. Well, the past few weeks haven't been my favorites because I've been having Mesa withdrawal's and I haven't even left yet! Not a good sign...I actually started trying to find some way to be able to stay down here but I guess the Lord has different plans in store for me because there is pretty much a 1 in a trillion chance I am staying. But hey, who am I to argue with the Lord. Now I just have to paste on the smile and positive attitude and hope that I will find that reason for me to be up in Provo! In JANUARY of all times. The coldest time of the year up there in the bubble! I made it one year, I should be able to do it again...if not apparently my sister gets my books and Heidi gets all my movies...nice to know how loved I am =D Now I just need to find housing...if anyone out there knows of anything that is close to campus and is not to expensive please let me know! I know that I sound like a total whiny baby, but what can I say, I'm a Mesa brat! In all honesty I am excited to be returning to BYU and to have the opportunity to get away for awhile. I just am not looking forward to the snow...

Anywhoo...some very amusing things have been taking place at work lately. I went in to talk to the lawyer I work for about some things and ended up walking out with dating advice. (What can I say, I work for a Stake President!) Now how many people can say that? Yeah, I was talking to my boss about work and paralegal's jobs and ended up getting told I need to flirt more, especially with my eyes. That I'm to pretty of a girl with so much going for me that I shouldn't be single. I'm just going to take that as a compliment...ha ha I was laughing about that conversation for the rest of the day! Then today, my manager walked out of his office and commented on how "feisty" everyone was today. (Just so you know, besides the 4 lawyers, I work with two men, the manager and another legal assistant. The rest of us are woman, about 15 in total and today all the drama hit the fan! Rather amusing for me to sit back and watch...) Anyway, my manager then continued to explain why he thinks everyone was acting this way. He said "it's pretty much all women here and they work together daily and when women are around other women all the time they end up with their "cycles" being the same." I immediately started laughing and asked, "So basically you think everyone here is pms'ing at the same time?" His epic response: "Well yeah, what other reason could there be?" Like there could be no other reason for everything happening. Priceless.

Besides that, not much has been happening in my life besides my allergies coming in full force and bringing along a cold for company! Not loving it, but I have so much Benadryl in my system I'm surprised it is safe for me to operate a moving vehicle!...Yeah sad joke...what can I say, I'm sick :)

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