Thursday, March 12, 2009


My new good friend Hair Genius is a hair stylist and colored and styled my hair for me yesterday. Can I just say true love!! I gave her complete control over the color and cut, all I said is I didn't want to lose length cause I'm thinking of growing it out again ha ha. That was probably one of the smartest decisions I made! She wanted to be all creative so she took about 30 min.'s just trying to decide what to do to it, and in my opinion it was worth it! It is cute and sassy at the same time :) She did a zig-zag pattern with the color doing it in layers. It goes Blonde, my natural color, a vibrant red, and then blonde again. It is colored in a way that the colors peek out and I think it is the coolest thing in the world! I can't stop looking at it and playing with it :D