Thursday, August 27, 2009


I told you all that my parents took me to California and Knotts Berry Farm. Now you get to see some pictures from it!My parents at Huntington beach. I am very much obsessed with this picture!Myself at the beach =)
The beautiful California beach.In honor of my big brudder :)
We have arrived!Very first ride of the day! It was so sweet! And my mother said, and I quote, "I almost wet myself!!" I about died laughing.We went on this ride second, I thought it was smart doing it early so we could dry off during the day. Bad idea, especially when you are wearing jeans and a white t-shirt!The end result, at least from our necks up!My obsession with the windmills finally documented!! Every time we drive this area I just stare out the window thinking how cool these things are and this time I finally took pictures!! Quite a few actually....
Well there is just a taste of what we did while we were in Cali. It was such an awesome trip and I am so thankful that my parents took me! It is definitely something I will never forget =)

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Lauren said...

That water ride is seriously one of the more scarier rides I have ever been on. Killed me.