Thursday, September 24, 2009


My good friend Stacie (yes she is a different person than me) and I entered a cake contest in our ward. She decided she wanted to experiment with fondant and that I was going to help her! Yeah not an intimating task at all... :P

Before the fondant was added the cake it was oreo frosting. It wasn't!

It's amazing what a little sugar, corn syrup, and almond extract can do! While being inedible and smelling very grotesque...

All three layers together!

Beginning of the decorations...

There is more being added...The finished cake! I am very proud of completing it! It took 4.5 hours and our prize for winning in the contest was a small 1 inch plastic gold medal with a ribbon to small to fit over your head! Oh yeah, be jealous. You may now marvel and the wonderfulness that is this cake.

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