Monday, April 21, 2008


Remember my rant about Utah weather? Well here is some proof for ya. Went outside yesterday and it was all nice with a calm breeze, but this is what the breeze was blowing around. Junk, dirt, scum, and all the other yucky stuff in the air. We finally get nice weather and it has to be all nasty. Then to top it off, it starts to clear today, but leaves cold air (that it had been protecting) in its wake. I mean seriously, can't I get one day of nice weather without something weird happening! Just for clarification, these pictures were not taken during the worst part of the dirt. It got even worse and more hazy.

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ZB said...

I'm with ya. That was weird! Very unusual. Farmboy and I were trying to remember a day like that ever in this state. Hope you get some true Spring weather soon or at least before you go home.