Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crazy Weekend

It probably feels like I am always going up to Riverton now, and maybe it's true, but can you blame me after seeing this cuties picture? Basically this weekend I offered to go babysit so ZB and Big J could celebrate their anniversay, 4 years congratulation! Well, while watching Mini-E and HY a new form of torture was developed by HY. He realized that he could get Mini-E into a bedroom and then quickly shut the door so she couldn't get out. He did it once and I told him he wasn't allowed to do that and then he started playing again. When I looked up a min later he was doing it again so I said his name and said no and he looked at me, looked at Mini-E and then shut the door and ran. A little bit later I wondered why he hadn't come out and I find out this is why. He had gone into ZB's room, gotten into her make-up and had a hay day. As you can see he got it all over his face and even blacked out a tooth. When we asked him if he ate any he said he ate some of the mascara...UH OH! I cleaned him up, locked their bedroom door and brought him back out to the family room. No harm no foul.

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ZB said...

I swear, I do NOT use mascara on my teeth. It must be because there's a brush in there and he figured it was like a toothbrush. Crazy loon! You gotta love his ingenuity. Thanks again for watching the kiddos for us. We REALLY appreciated it!