Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conferance Weekend

This weekend AF and I went up to Big J and ZB's house for the weekend. I rode the bus up there Saturday morning and Af came up after the prisethood session. While Big J was at priesthoo session Mini-E, HY, ZB, and myself went to Smith's where HY found a new toy. Mini carts!
Here is Min-E in the cart playing with her new toy, my camera case.
HY and Mama (ZB) walking down the isle. ZB had to stay right next to him or else HY would take off and run into something or someone.
HY waiting for Mama to check out and put the food back in his cart.
He looks a little impatient...

After we went to Smith's we ended up going to the World Market where we found this hat. It is very deceiving, it looks like a Chinese fan but when you open it you get this hat!! So of course we had to put Mini-E in it :)

Of course HY wanted a turn wearing it to and so we put it on him and he looked adorable! Have to love his facial expression, it's priceless!

This was taken during the Sunday afternoon session right after Mini-E had woken up and had lots of energy! She was all over the place

Her toddling over to where all her fun toys are!

Mini-E intently watching conferance, listening to the leader's of the church and learning all she can! haha but really she sat there for like 8 min straight just staring at the speaker totally enthralled.

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Anonymous said...

Love these pics. Thanks for the fix on these kiddos. Since ZB is so busy it's nice to get some new pictures. I'll for sure put some on my computer to share. Your fav. Sis.