Thursday, May 1, 2008


Last summer my parents, teacher, and I went to California before school started. Something to do about teacher's graduating or getting a job or something, I don't remember right now. While there we took a tour of the Pixar lots and of course went down to the beach. On the beach there was a huge bridge like thing that went over the water and many people were fishing on. We walked out on it to the end and I got this picture. There were a ton of boats in the water and most of them were coming in for the day because nighttime was coming. We then went to Santa Monica Pier. Onto the ferris wheel we went. By this time the sun was setting and creating a beautiful sunset. And it was even colder and windier. This picture was taken on the ferris wheel, the head on the left is teacher's I believe. We were bother trying to get pictures while the parents just enjoyed the ride.

This picture was also on the dock, the sun reflecting off the water. I almost went blind taking it but I love how it turned out. It was so pretty out that day, just a little windy, as you can tell by looking at the water.

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