Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sad Day

The California trip is off! Hair Genius has decided to move to Utah so she will be leaving on May 15. Good new, I get to drive up with her! The plan is to leave the morning of the 15 (if I can get work off) and then on Sat. the 16th get her settled into her apartment and everything then hang out and go to church on Sunday and I fly home that night. I am going to miss this girl like CRAZY!!! but I am so happy for her doing what is best for her and am excited for this new adventure for her!

On a happier note, only three weeks left of this semester left! That makes me very happy cause I am so ready for it to be done!! This semester has had some very interesting moments including my very first time of having to defend my religion. I am currently taking two History classes and one day before my 111 class some of the guys in my class realized that I am "Mormon" and started asking me question. It wasn't to bad but then more people showed up and it ended up being 6 guys "questioning" (berating) me. Whenever I tried to say something or answer something they said/asked they would interrupt me and I walked away from that experience almost in tears. I felt like I had let the Church and myself down. That is something I hope doesn't happen on a regular occurrence but was a very valuable lesson to me. I have nothing to prove to those guys and all I can to is bear my testimony of what I KNOW to be true.

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