Saturday, February 28, 2009

Typical Stace-face Injury

On Tuesday I was getting ready for school and doing my hair with my Three Barrel when all of a sudden I have this really painful feeling in my left hand. While doing my hair I had stuck on of the barrels between my left pointer and middle fingers burning both, rather badly. I then leave for school and am holding my cold water bottle against them but they continue hurting and stinging like crazy! My fingers were bright red from the knuckle down, when the redness went away this is what I had. Forgive the poor quality of the pic, it was taken on my phone.

This was the wounds the next day at work.

And I believe this was either at work as well or the next day at school.

This one was taken today at work with my actual camera so it is better quality. As you can see I know have two scabbed and slightly peeling burns. I can't help but laugh at how talented I seem to be at injuring myself.


ZB said...

Ouch! What are you crazy???

My goodness you've been busy posting since I last checked. Love all the hair cuts.

staceface said...

Oh trust me I didn't enjoy it! In fact they are still scabbed and scarring. :P And mostly I have just been styling my hair differently cause I think I'm going to try growing it out again... :D