Thursday, April 22, 2010


I officially finished all my finals on this last Tues. and have been spending the past two days getting ready for my move! The worst part of the semester is the week building up to finals, all of the stress, studying, and pressure to do well. No wonder so many people have break downs! I am so glad I made it through in one piece! Now I have four days of freedom before I start classes for Spring Semester! Oh joy! :P On the plus side, it means I am finally starting my new major. Which means............NO MORE SCIENCE CLASSES!!!!!! English classes, bring it on! If I can survive Chem 105, I can survive anything! (Whether or not I survived it in style, or hanging on for dear life is a different matter...)

Anywhoo, I have been so very blessed the past few months. I was supposed to be moving to a condo with my current roommate Jana, but that ended up falling through and I spent the next few weeks stressing about what to do. I had signed a contract to stay at Alpine Court till the end of summer, but it just didn't feel right. Since I had to find a place for fall I kept looking around and ended up coming across Roman Gardens. I signed a fall/winter contract with them and really wanted to sign for spring/summer, but was told getting out of my current contract was impossible unless I found someone to buy it from me. If any of you know, selling a spring/summer contract here at the Y is near impossible since complexes never even fill up for those months. As I was talking to Jana about this she brought up the possibility of her sister maybe buying mine since she was going to be moving down here anyway. After a few phone calls, and constant praying and crossing of my fingers, she said yes! So I am now moving this weekend to my new place, and Jana's sister will be moving in here about a week later. I know that this is the right thing for me to be doing. Everything just fell into place perfectly. I will be saving money, living right across the street from Adam, and have the opportunity to meet new people!

In other news, Danny is engaged! He is getting married on June 18. When he called to tell me about it, I was rendered speechless. I knew it was coming, but just hearing those words from Danny was so strange I didn't know how to respond. This means that I get to go home in June for about 3ish days! I am so excited. I miss home and my mom so very much! Danny getting married is just icing on the cake! Plus I am getting another sister! This means the girls and guys will be even!On that happy note, life is overall pretty good and I can't complain because I have been so blessed. I am eternally grateful for my family and all they do for me. I could not of picked a better one to spend eternity with! I hope everyone is doing well and will do my best to post more often! Time to get back to cleaning and packing...


heidi lou said...

You'll miss my wedding by probably a week or two when you come down for Danny's! Sad!

Stacie said...

That is so stinky!!!! What is the new date for the wedding? Yeah, Danny and Paige planned it so that they are getting married right between Spring/Summer semesters so I have three days of no school. Will I at least possibly get to see you??